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Directed by Ryan Coogler /
genres Sci-Fi /
Lupita Nyong’o /
runtime 2 Hours 14 Minute /
User rating 7,4 / 10 stars

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There are many one and two star reviews of “Black Panther” here on IMDB, and from reading them one must surmise that the reviewers have not seen the movie, but have a political agenda to forward. Because this is without a doubt the best Marvel Universe movie with incredible action, writing, acting, CGI and a strong message of hope for not just the African-American community but for all Americans, and all citizens of the world. I strongly recommend this movie, and congratulate everyone who participated in its making. this is not a do NOT leave the theater when the credits begin to roll. There are two important scenes that you don’t want to miss.

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I like Marvel movies. The whole superhero universe is quite entertaining. There have been a lot of them recently, and while the quality varies, they are usually at least decent.
Now, don’t pull the racist card, because I am in no way that kind of person. But this. had it not been for Stan Lees cameo and the Marvel logo at the beginning, I would have thought this to be some random b-flick with decent CGI. But even that seem somewhat half-assed.
So we have these very developed high-tech bunch of people, with technology far beyond the reach of the rest of the globe, yet they make decisions based on the outcome of medieval combat? There was very little incentive to like the characters. The few puny attempts at “humour” was at best cringe-worthy.
The whole thing didn’t seem to have any connections whatsoever to the rest Marvel universe. A few connections might have been positive, because then at least there might be something to look forward to. But as a standalone movie, this serves no real purpose for the average moviegoer. And that’s why I cannot see myself to rate it higher than 4 stars. And I really like Chadwick Boseman and Forrest Whittaker.

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